The Vigilant Group Multi-Factor Authentication platform provides our clients with 100% secure, password free, real time, multi-factor authentication that can be used on virtually any online platform, website, application or online system that requires a password to login.  Our multi-factor authentication platform eliminates the insecurity and liability of passwords and tokens by pushing authentication requests to end users in real time.

Our product leverages end users mobile devices and turns them into a powerful multi-factor authentication platform for password-free login with 100% secure, true multi-factor authentication in real time.

If any mobile devices using our Multi-Factor Authentication platform are lost or stolen, they can quickly and easily be remotely unpaired from anywhere in the world.

The Vigilant Group Multi-Factor Authentication platform allows users to log onto virtually any Internet connected application ranging from websites, mobile apps, desktop applications, online databases and secure online systems with 100% secure multi-factor authentication security.

Our product allows for the push of real-time authorization requests to end users for password-free login, multi-factor authentication, single sign-on transaction approval, identity verification and much more.


Platform Agnostic 100% User Privacy Password-Free Custom Security Policies
Geo-Fencing / Location Controls Remote Device Management Easy User Provisioning Access Logs & Reports
Platform Agnostic User Privacy
Password-Free Security Policies
Enforceable Security Remote Device Administration
Provisioning Users Analytics & Logs

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